Tennessee Workers Compensation Insurance Plan
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Welcome to the Tennessee Workers Compensation Insurance Plan (TWCIP) website. TWCIP is the "market-of-last-resort" for employers that are unable to find an insurance company that will write their workers compensation insurance on a voluntary basis.
Tennessee employers are under a statutory obligation to maintain workers compensation insurance. Generally, employers in Tennessee can purchase workers compensation coverage through any of the insurance companies that are currently providing workers’ compensation insurance to Tennessee employers. However, eligible employers who are unable to obtain voluntary market coverage can purchase coverage through TWCIP.
To be eligible for this coverage an applicant must meet the following requirements.
Agents may register online and have access to submit new online applications and payments as well as review applications in progress. All Agents submitting an application either online or mailed in are required by the State of Tennessee to be duly registered with the Tennessee Department of Commerce.
For those without Agents or Agents who prefer the manual application process, simply click on the link above for Application Tools – Manual Application.
Miscellaneous Information
Agency Checks, both paper and electronic, are accepted. However, the policy can NOT be CANCELLED by the agent without the INSURED'S PERMISSION. All refunds are issued to the Insured.

Rating Information and Class Codes
Online Application
Registered Agents can submit online applications and will have the ability to pay with credit card, electronic checking, PayPal account or by mailing a check into TWCIP.

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